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Beastly Buddies Child Costume Creations

Whether you are looking for halloween costumes, dress up outfits, photography prop costumes, princess costumes or custom costumes for your child or toddler, we make the best childrens costumes and accessories.  We use the highest quality materials to make the best costumes available and all of our costumes are made in the USA.

The Best Quality Child Costumes Around

child costume imageWe strive to provide the best quality childrens costumes at reasonable prices. We offer the highest quality materials, stitching, and design available. Buy a costume that lasts longer than one use.

Why Beastly Buddies Costumes?

There are many reasons to choose costumes for your child or toddler from Beastly Buddies

You get what you pay forDurabilityBest LookingHigh Quality FabricsReusableMade in the USA • and More...

Upcoming Events

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premium childrens costumes
Premium Quality Costumes

Our costumes will last longer because they are made of stronger materials and stitching. Strong enough for anything your kids can dish out!

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Child Prop Costumes
Photography Props

Our costumes are of the best quality and design anywhere. You can use them for your kids tea party or child glamour photography shots.

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Costume Photo Gallery
Costume Gallery

Our gallery from photo shoots, events, customers, friends and more.

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Childrens Costume Sale
Childrens Costume SALE

Check out our inventory of costumes that are currently on sale, or available at a reduced rate.

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