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Beastly buddies budded in 1983 which Miss Ann's creative son came to this planet...NYC....amazed at the creativity and fantasy of a Child's imagination, Miss Ann reflected on her childhood dress up days, living in her Mother's closet with her sister Martha...clumping around in Mother's stilettos or those cute plastic heels with the elastic securing the feet of a 4 year old and feeling so happy and special!

The Disney movies did not exist yet but the stories of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were bedtime favorites!

Make- believe is the most wonderful state of mind, children can not differentiate between reality and fantasy...they become a princess or that wrestler and you can see it in their souls...Magically they transform through that portal into the world of fantasy.

Clearly this defines why we do what we do! The best part is that we make costumes that will last! They can be pulled in and out of the toy box for years, literally handed down four generations from a home donated to the local classroom, recycled thru the thrift store and back to another family!

We take pride in making these costumes in America, putting lining in the costumes, filling the skirts with yards and yards of tulle, hand trimming every tutu! Thinking about soft, delicate, skin that can can react to itchy fabric. Satin is tough and long lasting, amazingly durable....our quality is the best..we try to bring out the beauty of the child costumes.

We search for new fabrics, choosing a better grade of goods just for our customers..Special is a word that many stores use to describe our costumes.. Once you are Beastly Buddie customer you are loyal and probably will have a difficult time settling for a product of lessor quality.. People never buy just one costume, they are life long investors in our products.

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