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Meet Ann Marie

Meet Ann Marie!  

Ann Marie C. is joining the Beastly Buddies team as Marketing Assistant to the company.  She resides near the "happiest place on earth" in Florida, formerly home to Ann Teekell (Creator of Beastly Buddies) and is the niece of Ann.  Hopefully, this won’t get  "TWO" confusing for you, with both Ann’s.

Hi! I am excited to be joining the team at Beastly Buddies because I understand the value in creative play, the quality in Beastly Buddies costumes (I STILL have my Beastly Buddies from 20+ years ago that I am saving for my daughter someday), and I am THRILLED to be working with my Aunt!!

Growing up, I spent countless hours dressing up in Beastly Buddies costumes and pretending with my friends that I was a princess, a cowgirl, or my favorite icon, Ariel “under the sea” - just to name a few.

I love the sunny weather and beaches where I live in Florida. I also enjoy boating, cooking, and a little adventure every now and then.  I love traveling and visiting Disney World - both spark the imagination and fuel the creative juices.

I would say that I have a creative spirit just like my aunt and am looking forward to cultivating that in my work with Beastly Buddies.  I have been coloring, cutting, and pasting together art creations since I was knee-high and my latest obsession….GLITTER! With a little glue and glitter ANYTHING can sparkle. <3

I have a passion for seeing children’s creativity be nurtured and developed.  Creativity, physical and mental, is a healthy and important part of a child’s growing and learning process.  I am excited to help share Beastly Buddies beautiful “hand-made in the USA” costumes with every child, who can enjoy endless hours of dress-up and pretend, developing their creativity, which will lead the next generation to better ideas and even greater inventions, discoveries, and solutions!

"Play is the highest form of research." -Albert Einstein

Here are a few pictures of Ann Marie from her personal collection:

"Joker" and "Belly Dancer (Jasmine)" at age 3

80's child

Lucerne, Switzerland

Mayan Ruins, Belize

Minnie Mouse and Me

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