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Pumpkin Placemat Craft

Fall is here! Hip hip horray!  Halloween is coming and tables everywhere are being decorated for Thanksgiving dinner.  Don’t you just LOVE the colors of fall?  The hues of yellow, orange, red, and browns warming you to the inside when you feast your eyes on them in coats, sweaters, boots, and decorations.

Today I wanted to share a FUN FALL craft, that is quick, easy, and a little “upcycling.”


I LOVE this idea because it is family friendly and customizable.  It required very little supplies and if you wanted to pick up some contact paper from the store, you could seal each placemat to ensure protection for longer lasting quality.  But if nothing else, they will be a fun art project together and add a cherished personal touch to your table for a special meal.


Ruler or traditional placemat (for tracing)

Brown Paper grocery bags (one per placemat)



Water-based paints (easy clean up from the clothes)

paint brush/s

bowl of water (to rinse brushes between colors)

paper towels (to dry brushes and wipe up paint)

1 sheet construction paper or printed stencil


Tear of the handles on the grocery bag.  Cut open the grocery bag, down one crease, cut off the bottom and open up.  I found my grocery bags wouldn’t lay flat so I did a quick iron over them all once, once I had them all cut open.

Take a ruler or a traditional placemat and place on top of the lettered side of the grocery bag.

If using a ruler, measure 18-inches long by 12-inches high.  If you have a smaller table you may want to do 16” X 12”.  That is the great thing about making them yourself, you can choose the size you want.

So trace or measure out the place mats, usually one per grocery bag if you are doing the 18-inches long size.  Then you can cut them out, or have your child cut them out.

Now, if you are a talented free-hand artist, go ahead a draw up a quick sketch of a pumpkin on each placemat.  If you are not however, like me, search Google for the size and image you want, print it out and cut it out.  Then have your child trace the image, or yourself if your child is too young to trace.

NOW comes the fun part!

Prepare your kitchen table, and child, for painting.  I grabbed some paints from the local dollar store, for $1.07, and that was the TOTAL cost of this project for me.   However, if you do by the paints from the local dollar store, you may need to invest in some larger paint brushes.

You could also use finger paints, or crayons, or markers, whatever your child’s prefered choice for adding color.

While doing this project with my 2 year old nephew, I think it held his interest for about 30 minutes.  He enjoyed switching back and forth between colors, so we had to watch him and help him rinse and dry his brush in between so he didn’t end up with a giant brown painting from mixing all the colors.  I LOVE how his pumpkin placemat turned out!

Love his choice of colors! You could also pick up a roll of contact paper at the store and “laminate” each placemat to protect it from the wear and tear while on the dinnner table.

Happy painting and creating!

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