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Fairytale and Princess Costumes


Some of the most beloved characters come from our childhood fairytales—where princes and princesses fall in love and live happily ever after. Children have great imaginations. With the wave of a wand or sprinkle of pixie dust their favorite storybook characters can come to life. And what young girl hasn't dreamed about wearing a beautiful dress and feeling a princess, yearning for her prince. Beastly Buddies provides a variety of high-end fairytale costumes that are made of the best quality and design. Whether its Prince Charming or Cinderella, your little prince or princess will win your heart over time and time again. Also, our costumes are made of strong materials and stitching, so the fairytale never has to end.

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    Sleeping Beauty


    sleeping beauty Children's Sleeping Beaut...

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    alice Children's Alice Costume

  • Click to view Queen of Hearts full image
    Queen of Hearts


    queen of hearts DISCONTINUED - Children's...

  • Click to view Red Riding Hood full image
    Red Riding Hood


    red riding hood Red Riding Hood Children'...

  • Click to view Orphan Annie full image
    Orphan Annie


    orphan annie Children's Orphan Annie C...

  • Click to view Cinderella full image


    cinderella Children's Cinderella Cos...

  • Click to view King full image


    king DISCONTINUED - Children's...

  • Click to view Knight full image


    knight DISCONTINUED Children's K...

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    Call For Price

    musketeers DISCONTINUED - Children's...

  • Click to view Rapunzel full image


    rapunzel Children's Rapunzel Costu...

  • Click to view Robin Hood full image
    Robin Hood


    robin hood Children's Robin Hood Cos...

  • Click to view Jasmania Harem full image
    Jasmania Harem


    jasmania harem DISCONTINUED - Children's...

  • Click to view Snow Princess full image
    Snow Princess


    snow princess Children's Snow Princess ...

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    Peter Pan


    peter pan Children's Peter Pan Cost...

  • Click to view Captain Hook full image
    Captain Hook


    captain hook Children's Captain Hook C...

  • Click to view Crocodile full image


    crocodile Children's Crocodile Cost...

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    Indian Girl and Boy


    indian girl and boy Children's Indian Costume

  • Click to view Tinkerbell full image


    tinkerbell DISCONTINUED - Tinkerbell

  • Click to view Supergirl full image


    supergirl DISCONTINUED - SuperGirl

  • Click to view Mermaid full image


    mermaid Child's Mermaid Costume

  • Click to view Pirate full image


    pirate Pirate

  • Click to view Bride full image


    bride Bride

  • Click to view Raggedy Ann full image
    Raggedy Ann


    raggedy-ann Raggedy Ann

  • Click to view Belle full image


    belle Belle

  • Click to view Tinkerbell 2 full image
    Tinkerbell 2


    tinkerbell 2 Tinkerbell 2

  • Click to view Princess Anna Cape full image
    Princess Anna Cape


    Princess Anna Cape in Hot...

  • Click to view Frozen Princess full image
    Frozen Princess


    frozenprincess Frozen Princess Costume

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