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I think we own almost every dress Ann makes!

We have been customer's of Beastly Buddies for about 2 years now. My daughters, 5 and 3, are in the prime of their dress-up years and every day is a new play, story or fairy tale. I think we own almost every dress Ann makes! They are gorgeous costumes that are extremely well-made and can stand up to any amount of wear and tear. My girls love to transform themselves into fairies, princesses and animals and Beastly Buddies helps their imaginations run wild! Ann is wonderful with the kids and genuinely loves seeing the joy in their eyes every time they come to the store. We love Beastly Buddies!!! Kelly Trimarchi - NY

Loyal Customer!!!!

"Beastly Buddies was part of my aughter's Halloween from the time she was three. For her, they weren't just costumes she put on---they were worlds she inhabited. These costumee gems are so beautiful, they transform ordinary reality into fantasy realms of mermaids, dancers, glam girls, brides, and bugs. Always clever, bright, and humorous, each once is exquiestly tailored in rich fabrics with incredibly thoughtful detail. Part Disney, Part Dior---these are gifts that will light up a child's life. My daughter is 26 now, and her vivid, joyful memories of Halloween are all about Beastly Buddies." Annette Barbasch - Upstate New York

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